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Solar Panel Installers

B&C Heating and Plumbing are North County Dublin and Meath's qualified Solar Panels Installer. We firmly believe in the power of Solar Energy and as such we supply, install and maintain a range of Solar Energy Renewables from Evacuated Tubes to Solar Panels for home owners and Businesses alike.

Our Solar Panel systems can be easily integrated into almost all homes, but can also provide heat for commercial water heating applications such as swimming pools, hotels and much more. All that is needed is an area of roof roughly facing south to give maximum exposure to the sun.

One half hour of sunshine provides the total energy needs of the earth for one year.

Why choose Solar Panels?

If you're a homeowner or Business owner, installing Solar Panels not only help increase the value of your property, but they also save you money. Further to this they help lower your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener environment.

Heat from the sun: Free energy. Energy for life.


Our Solar Panels are discreet, slim-line and attractive and. Our Solar power systems can be installed in around two days and require almost zero maintenance after installation.

Products we use:

B&C Heating and Plumbing pride ourselves in using only the finest Solar Panel products on the market.

In roof / On roof:

We can install Solar Panels in two ways, the first is In Roof Solar Panels. This works particularly well if you want to keep the Solar Panels flush with your roof so that they are inset into the tile work. We have done a vast amount of these types of jobs and guarantee that the structure of the roof and water tightness is the same as it was prior to installation.

The second is On Roof Solar Panels. This method is commonly used with Evacuated Tube Solar Panels as the wind can pass through the tubing very easily and so there is no lift from large surfaces covered in Solar Panelling. It is best for us to consult with you first the best type for your property before deciding on which method is required.

Accredited Installers:

B&C Heating and Plumbing are Accredited Kingspan Thermomax installers. The best part of this is that because we are Accredited Installers for Solar Panels, we can guarantee the installation for a period of 10 years as opposed to the standard 5 years for non-accredited installers.

You can read about our other accreditations here.

Costs and Savings:

Installing Solar Panels gives a guaranteed return on investment, you will see the cost savings immediately when you receive your electricity bills on a monthly basis. A standard Solar Panel system will provide up to 70% of your home's hot water.

Solar heating is the natural way to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint.
It doesn't have to cost the earth.

Are grants available for B&C Heating and Plumbing Solar Panels?

Yes, there are several Government funded grant aid programme's available. B&C Heating and Plumbing will be happy to address any queries that you may have in this regard and we can also complete the grant application process for you. Find out more.

B&C Heating and Plumbing can also assist you in developing a Solar Panel system that is tailored to the construction and location of your property if you are an Architect or Property Developer, please contact us to find out more.

Need to know more? Contact us for information, a quote or an informal chat about your plumbing needs.
Brogan & Curtis, Stamullen Road, Gormanstown, County Meath | T: 01 841 8041 | F: 01 841 8041 | M: 086 250 6728 | M: 086 250 4883
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